Saturday, 19 November 2011


Hello people!'s been a long time juga tak blogging..
My best friend sejak dari sekolah rendah,Diena ada pesan yang dia ada tag saya kat blog tapi disebabkan kemalasan yang belakangan ini menjadi-jadi,saya pun tak buat lah tag yang dia suruh buat tu..

You know what,kalau dalam post-post yang lepas saya kata lama tak blogging sebab busy.
Actually,saya ni taklah busy sangat.
Sebabnya yang utama senang jer: MALAS.
There you go,saya nak berterus-terang..sebenarnya alasan busy tu hanya untuk cover kemalasan saya untuk berblogging jer..

Okay lah,saya nak cari idea untuk post seterusnya.
So,saya tamatkan dulu post ini dengan ucapan terima kasih kerana sudi membacanya..huhuhu

Monday, 24 October 2011

Boy I'm Just In Love With You!!!!

Hello people.It's me again.
Before I started,I would like to tell you that this post is not about my boyfriend because I don't have one.
But it's about Joe Jonas!!
You heard me?!!!JOE JONAS!!

When I was like 12..I was crazy about Jonas Brothers..I knew all their songs and I always talk about them with my friends.
But as I grew up,I just forgot about all those things.
But recently,Joe Jonas just made his comeback and I was screaming like a maniac...
All of sudden ,all those memories came back and yesterday,my friends and I talked about Jonas Brothers through Facebook and we realized how much we missed them.

But of course,I missed Joe the most and his song,Just In Love made me fall in love with him.
Boy,why he has to be so handsome??!!!
And I changed the lyrics to "boy I'm just in love with you" because I'm totally in love with him,,hehehe

Handsome huh??hehe

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I Am a Webcam Maniac!!!

Hello's me again.
Well.right  now I'm in the car.Just got back from visiting my sister....
Because her SPM just around the corner so dia tak dapat balik holiday lah..hehe.Kesian dia.

Masa visit dia,bawa lah sekali laptop.But you know me...
While my cousin playing games,I pun menyebok nak webcam...
Well,here's the result...hehehe

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Feel Like I'm Still 10 Years Old.....

Hello people.It's me again.Well,I just got back from lunch with my parents.
Before lunch my parents went to bank to pay some bills..while I'm in the car camwhoring around.
And all of sudden I feel like I'm 10 again..I know it's weird huh.
It's just all of sudden all those memories came to my mind and I felt like I'm still a little kiddo.

Oh,here's a list of things that I love when I'm 10:
1.Pussycatdolls' songs..(WEEEE.)
2.Mengarut around with my friends.
3.Listening to radio every Saturday morning.
4.Nasi ayam kat kantin sekolah rendah dulu..(sampai sekarang masih lagi rindu kat nasi ayam tu)
5.Don't give a thing at all to my homeworks..hehehe
6.Watching Impian Ilyana.

Whoa!!!I really missed those good old days:p