Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Feel Like I'm Still 10 Years Old.....

Hello people.It's me again.Well,I just got back from lunch with my parents.
Before lunch my parents went to bank to pay some bills..while I'm in the car camwhoring around.
And all of sudden I feel like I'm 10 again..I know it's weird huh.
It's just all of sudden all those memories came to my mind and I felt like I'm still a little kiddo.

Oh,here's a list of things that I love when I'm 10:
1.Pussycatdolls' songs..(WEEEE.)
2.Mengarut around with my friends.
3.Listening to radio every Saturday morning.
4.Nasi ayam kat kantin sekolah rendah dulu..(sampai sekarang masih lagi rindu kat nasi ayam tu)
5.Don't give a thing at all to my homeworks..hehehe
6.Watching Impian Ilyana.

Whoa!!!I really missed those good old days:p

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