Friday, 3 June 2011

I Will Never Ever Ever Tired of This Movie!!

Hello people..
It's so rare for me to do a post about movie.
But this movie stole my heart!

Pernah tak tengok cerita 500 Days of Summer?
Well,kalau tak pernah,I want to tell you that this movie is awesome.
I mean it's my type of movie.
I bought the DVD like a year ago...
and I watched this movie at Star Movies a few times..
Tapi tak jemu pun..
Best giler.

I like the tagline:
"This is not a love story,it's a story about love"
If you want to find out more about this movie,just search it on the internet..
Malas nak nak tulis sebab panjang sangat.

The hero is sooo cute..
Joseph Gordon Levitt......YOU STOLE MY HEART!!

My favourite scene in this movie.
After they break up,they met again at a friend's wedding.
Memang lelaki tu still ada feeling kat perempuan tu..
Kenapa lah dia takde feeling kat aku?

Well,that's all!
Just want to share some of my interests..
Ok,have a good day!
Bye :)