Saturday, 23 July 2011

Love-Hate Relationship With Thursday,21st July 2011

Hello peeps!
I know today is Saturday and I should post this entry like two days ago..
But,blah...who cares??

Well,I really like this week's thursday,but at the same time,I hate it.It's just that I have this love-hate relationship with Thursday.I like it because I have living skills class and we have to bake some kuih...but at the same time I hate it because I feel really serabai when Thursday.

The living skills class is in the morning,so I felt a bit excited about it.But as not as excited as Monday.We made pineapple tart for the class..

"Thanks" Hajar for the candid.

This great masterpiece is created by Hajar and Hidayah.3 EXCELLENT is our class name.So they made the EXC sign by using pineapple tart.Pretty cool huh??

Taken by me..Well,I'm a great candid-photographer...

After the living skill class,we have Mathematics class.and I swear,I didn't pay any attention that day.What I do is taking pictures and do a bit revision..hehe

And finally in the evening,Hidayah came to my house and we went to night market..Then we stopped by at taman permainan to chit-chat and actually she waited for her "someone".hehe

So,that's how my Thursday..Pretty lame huh?


  1. ehemmm...!!
    ssiot jerk...

  2. mmang pon hang waiteing for that someone..hehe

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  5. a'ah... mmg she waited for her someone... her someone also accompany her to the bus stop... (hehe, nk menyebok gak)