Sunday, 17 July 2011

Owhh...I'm So Touched..

Hello awesome peeps.First of all thanks for reading my blog.
As you know,the last Harry Potter movie just released and everybody is busy talking about it.
But I won't talk about it because I want to talk about Dear John..
I know...this movie is soooo last year (it was released in 2010) and you might say that I'm so ketinggalan zaman.

Well,this movie is so darn special to me.And this movie touched my heart.
I watched it like ...the tenth time and I still not tired of it.
Serious,this is the movie that I will remember in my whole life.
This movie is romantic,sweet and a bit sad.

You know,what will you feel if you and your someone special are berjauhan for a long term...and your someone special is in the army....
Yeahh...You will be like missing him soo much.
nd wht will you feel if your beloved ones found somebody else and married that person....
O f course you will be like heart broken and suffering..
Well,that is what this movie is all about..

Oh,I'm not gonna write the synopsys of this movie because it will be too long.
And I really don't know how to summarize it..
By the way,that's all for today.Bye:P

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